Press Releases

City seeks visual artists for summer Mural Art Training Program (Apr 30)

City of Tacoma seeks teaching artists for Mural Art Training Program (Apr 26)

Spaceworks Tacoma invites artists to submit proposals for creative uses for vacant space and empty storefronts (Apr 21)

Call for community groups to participate in mural program to combat graffiti and vandalism (Apr 16)

Call for arts programming for Click! ON Demand (Apr 6)

Tacoma Arts Commission seeks artists for creation of highly-visible temporary installations and performance art (Apr 2)

City and Tacoma Art Museum seek artists for bike-themed temporary artwork (Feb 24)

Nineteen arts projects funded by Tacoma Arts Commission  (Dec 23)

Take part in Tacoma's art and culture scene (Oct 19)

Get involved in Tacoma’s architectural heritage — volunteer for commission (Oct 6)

Local arts advocates honored with AMOCAT Arts Awards
(Sept 24)

Get involved in the arts – volunteer for the Tacoma Arts Commission (Sept 24)

Get involved in the arts - volunteer for the Tacoma Arts Commission (July 2)

Get involved in Tacoma’s architectural heritage—volunteer for commission (May 4)

Tacoma's Metal-Urge to galvanize regional arts community (April 22)

Tacoma Arts Commission to fund 12 arts organizations (April 9)

Seventeen artists funded by Tacoma Arts Commission (Feb. 23)

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Activities and Goings On

(Click here to view the Activities Archive.)University of Idaho Student Design Projects

Since 2006, senior architecture students at the University of Idaho have traveled to Tacoma to work on design projects for various districts.  Design projects have ranged from neighborhood visioning, to urban design, urban infill, and adaptive reuse projects. 

Many people have asked for copies of these projects. For 2008, the students focused on the South Tacoma Business District.  Below are links to the 2008 South Tacoma Business District study.  

1.  Cover and Introduction
2.  Verde Height
3.  Gateway at 52nd
4.  South Town Revival
5.  Neighbors in Time
6.  STW Speed Block
7.  East 57th
8.  58th - 60th West
9.  Urban Forest

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Click here to view the projects from 2006-07.

Ordinances and Policy Updates

Announcing the Historic Preservation Plan Project!

In response to increasing public interest in historic preservation, historic districts, and related programs, the Tacoma City Council provided funding in its 2009-10 Biennial Budget for a comprehensive update to the City’s historic preservation plan and policies. For more information, click here.

A historic preservation plan is a document that sets forth policies and a course of action for treatment of cultural resources within a community. It is an element of the comprehensive plan. Preservation plans are designed to recognize our unique historic and cultural resources, create strategies for their care, and capitalize on their social and economic potential.